Brain Jotter Accuses Viral Disabled Hawker Eniola of Begging for Money Under False Pretenses

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Nigerian comedian, Brain Jotter, has accused viral disabled hawker, Eniola of fraud in a recent Instagram live session.

As learned by Beyond Boders, Jotter’s comments came after it was revealed that Eniola is a male who dresses as a lady.

The content producer who previously gifted Eniola N400,000 after spotting him hawking table water in Lagos traffic, said that he helped Eniola because he is physically handicapped, not because of his gender.

However, Jotter alleged that Eniola had already received N600,000 and a one-room apartment from another group of people a month ago. He accused Eniola of emotional blackmail for coming to him for money again.

Also, he claimed that Eniola is from Osun State and is deliberately taking advantage of people’s good nature by exploiting his physical disability to beg for money.

Jotter warned that Eniola would likely continue to beg for money on the streets, even after receiving N400,000 from him.

Watch clip below:

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