Biden’s Dog, Commander, Bites Secret Service Agents Over 24 Times

Joe Biden’s pet dog, Commander, has been causing chaos by biting Secret Service agents at least 24 times.

The incidents happened both at the White House and Biden’s home, according to new documents.

The records from the Secret Service show how Commander, a German Shepherd, has been a real challenge for agents.

In one case, an agent needed six stitches after being bitten. Blood even ended up on the floor of an area of the White House that’s open to public tours.

Commander got banned from the White House last year because of all the biting.

A top agent in charge of protecting the president said in an email that dealing with Commander has made them change how they work. They have to be extra careful to stay safe.

The documents, released because of a request from a researcher, show the biting incidents happened between October 2022 and July 2023. The victims got bitten on their wrist, forearm, elbow, waist, chest, thigh, and shoulder.

The emails also reveal how scared the agents were and how they tried to avoid getting hurt; one agent only avoided getting bitten because of their ammunition pouch.

“I was in shock that the incident occurred,” one agent wrote. Another agent got badly injured and lost a lot of blood.

Even tours of the White House had to stop for a while because of the blood from one biting incident.

Despite trying extra training and getting advice from vets and animal experts, Commander was still too much to handle at the White House. Since last fall, he has been living with other family members.

Commander is the second of Biden’s dogs to show aggressive behaviour. Their first dog, Major, also a German Shepherd, was sent away after biting incidents.

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