Dax Biography (Early Life, Career, Controversy, Net Worth)

Daniel Nwosu Jr., who goes by the stage name Dax (sometimes stylized as DAX), is a talented Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Early Life and Education

He was born on March 22, 1994, in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, to immigrant Nigerian parents, adding a cultural richness to his upbringing.

Growing up in Ottawa, he was immersed in a diverse community that influenced his worldview and artistic expression.

Nwosu Jr.’s journey started with humble beginnings. Raised by hardworking parents, he learned the values of perseverance and dedication from an early age.

His family’s background instilled in him a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed.

At a young age, Nwosu Jr. displayed a passion for basketball and poetry. Excelling in sports, he pursued his education, while nurturing his creative side.

He attended Casper College in Wyoming, where he not only honed his basketball skills, but also discovered his talent for poetry.

Later, he transferred to Newman University, where he continued to balance his academic pursuits with his artistic endeavours.

During his time at these institutions, he not only excelled academically, but also actively participated in basketball, showcasing his athleticism and teamwork skills.


What began as a hobby soon turned into a full-fledged passion. In 2016, while traveling with his basketball team, he penned a poem that resonated deeply with him.

Encouraged by positive feedback, he ventured into music, releasing mixtapes and singles on platforms like SoundCloud.

His breakthrough came with the release of the official music video for “Cash Me Outside,” featuring Danielle Bregoli.

The song garnered widespread attention, catapulting Dax into the spotlight.

Subsequent projects, including EPs like “It’s Different Now,” showcased his versatility as an artiste.

Over the years, Dax collaborated with prominent figures in the music industry, such as Hopsin and Tech N9ne.

His solo tours across America and Canada solidified his presence in the hip-hop scene.

Personal Life

Beyond his music career, Dax remains grounded in his values and principles. He attributes his success to his upbringing and the support of his family and fans.

Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to engage with his audience and give back to the community.


  1. “The One” (Jon Jupiter featuring Dax) 2017
  2. “Checks” (Millian featuring Dax)
  3. “Thank God” (Alectra featuring Dax) 2018
  4. “Ain’t Ready for Us” (James Zoudy featuring Dax)
  5. “Believe” (DizzyEight featuring Dax and Ali Tomineek)
  6. “Dedicated” (The Jackal featuring Dax)
  7. “On My Feet” (Bizkit featuring Dax, Roshon and Wav3pop)
  8. “Set Off” (HipaGriff featuring Dax and Yung Swift)
  9. “Highlight” (Kanino featuring Dax and Stitches)
  10. “Situations” (Pretty Russell featuring Dax)
  11. “Trilla (Halloween)” (Fendi Frost featuring Dax)
  12. “Unforgivable” (Deji featuring Jallow, Dax and Crypt)
  13. “Dream Chaser” (Scru Face Jean featuring Dax) 2019
  14. “Don’t Fold” (Nix featuring Dax)
  15. “Four Horsemen” (Crypt featuring Quadeca, Dax and Scru Face Jean)
  16. “War!” (Quadeca featuring Dax) Voice Memos
  17. “MAGA” (PeacefulPinder featuring Dax and Mica)
  18. “Perspective” (AlfhaSam featuring Luix and Dax)
  19. “Deadly Combination” (Crazy Peppsta featuring Dax)
  20. “Man Down” (CHVSE featuring Dax and PFV)
  21. “Feel It in My Veins” (BigNik featuring Dax)
  22. “Another Day” (T. Chandy featuring Dax)
  23. “Everything” (Enkay47 featuring Dax)
  24. “I Been That” (EMIWAY BANTAI featuring Dax)} 


While primarily known for his music, Dax has also made forays into the world of film and television.

His appearances in music videos and guest roles demonstrate his ability to captivate audiences across different mediums.

Social Media Handles

Stay connected with Dax through his social media platforms:

Instagram: @thatsdax

Twitter: @thatsdax


Throughout his career, Dax has found himself embroiled in several high-profile controversies, each shaping his public image and career trajectory.

One notable feud arose between Dax and KSI, a prominent internet personality and rapper. The conflict escalated when KSI openly criticized Dax’s skills as a rapper during an appearance on the What’s Good? Podcast.

In response, Dax released a diss track aimed at KSI, igniting a back-and-forth exchange of insults and challenges.

The feud reached its peak when Dax accepted KSI’s invitation to a private boxing match, only to repeatedly delay the event.

Despite the tension, the feud ultimately showcased Dax’s resilience and willingness to defend his artistry.

Another controversy involved a dispute with rapper Tory Lanez, who proclaimed himself the “best rapper alive” on social media.

Dax responded with a scathing diss track aimed at Lanez, sparking a heated exchange between the two artistes.

The conflict garnered widespread attention, with fans and media outlets closely following the drama.

Despite the intensity of the feud, Dax approached the situation with maturity, emphasizing the importance of de-escalation and reconciliation.

Net Worth

Despite his young age, Dax has achieved remarkable success in his career. His net worth, estimated at $6.43 million, reflects the value of his contributions to the music industry and beyond.

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