Brighter Days Ahead, First Lady Tinubu Assures

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In an inspiring gathering at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa, First Lady Sen. Oluremi Tinubu shared a positive vision for the future, assuring Nigerians that the current challenges are temporary and will soon give way to better times.

Beyond Boders reports that during a meeting with Governors’ Wives as part of her Renewed Hope Initiative (RHI), Mrs. Tinubu emphasized the collective effort needed to overcome hardships, expressing confidence that the Federal Government’s policies will bring about positive changes.

“Times like this calls for sober reflection, hence, all hands must be on deck. More­over, the hardship situation is temporary it will soon fade away,” the First Lady affirmed.

Looking ahead to 2024, Mrs. Tinubu highlighted the upcoming year as a period of “peace, progress, prosperity, and greater achievements” for all Nigerians.

She applauded the governors’ wives for their dedication in 2023 and encouraged continued support for the vulnerable in their respective states.

The Renewed Hope Initiative, aligned with President Tinubu’s agenda, aims to address various issues, including economic empowerment, health, and social investment.

Mrs. Tinubu also revealed plans for the Women Agricultural Support Programme (WASP), set to empower 20 farmers from each of the five states in the South East Zone.

“These farmers will get N500,000 each and a total draft of N10 million will be given to five RHI states’ coordinators as the case may be,” she announced.

Additionally, a collaboration with the National Agricultural Land Development Authority will support 80 female farmers in each state through training, capacity building, and agricultural inputs.

Mrs. Tinubu equally expressed her intention to launch the ‘Young Farmers Club’ in public schools nationwide, aiming to foster farming among the youth.

Schools with outstanding farms will be recognized and rewarded, with prizes ranging from renovations to science laboratories and the provision of ICT equipment.

Highlighting the ‘Every Home a Garden’ competition, the First Lady declared a N20 million prize for the overall best garden owner by December, while urging governors’ wives to provide updates on the progress of the programme.

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