Economic Reforms Deepen Nigerians’ Hardship – Catholic Bishops

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria has raised concerns about the government’s plans, saying they are making life tougher for people.

Lucius Ugorji, the head of the CBCN, spoke about this during a meeting on Sunday in Abuja.

He said the government’s changes have led to higher prices for important things like food and medicine.

“As a result of the government’s reform agenda, millions of Nigerians have been reduced to a life of grinding poverty, wanton suffering, and untold hardship as never before in our national history,” he said.

He mentioned that more people are now begging for help, and Nigeria has become the second country with the most poor people, according to the World Bank.

Ugorji also criticized the government for asking citizens to make sacrifices while not reducing its own spending.

On the topic of safety, he said despite the money given for security, there are still many crimes happening.

Other religious leaders also shared these concerns; Archbishop Daniel Okoh mentioned worries about insecurity and hunger.

A government representative, Senator George Akume, promised to work on improving the economy and security.

The head of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Dr. Olayemi Cardoso, blamed the high prices on too much money circulating.

However, he said there is hope for improvement, especially with plans to change fuel subsidies.

He mentioned that recent changes in the bank have brought in more money, which could help stabilize the economy.

The central bank leader said they will soon make more decisions to attract investors and make things better for everyone.




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