Fuji Music Star, Kollington Ayinla, Shuts Down Death Rumour

Kollington Ayinla, a famous Fuji musician from Kwara, has spoken out against rumours claiming he is dead.

Beyond Boders reports that he firmly stated that those spreading such false news might need to see a doctor for a mental check-up.

Speaking in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, Ayinla assured everyone that he is alive, well, and in good health.

He expressed surprise at hearing the rumour, especially since he had just finished enjoying a meal of beans and fried plantains.

“I can tell and confirm to you that I’m alive, hale and hearty. I’m healthy, and nothing is wrong with my state of health to warrant any rumour as to whether I’m alive or not.

“Those people spreading rumour that I am dead are mad; they should be taken to Aro (Federal Psychiatric Hospital, Abeokuta),” Ayinla said.

He also mentioned that his legal team would be taking action against the online platforms that spread the false news.

“I’m in my house. In fact, I just finished eating cooked beans and fried plantains. So, how come I’m eating? To tell you, I’m alive, hale, hearty and healthy,” Ayinla added.

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