How Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Faced Backlash for Spreading Falsehoods About Malaria Vaccines

Renowned Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, is facing criticism following revelations of spreading misinformation about malaria vaccines, according to a recent investigation.

The BBC report highlighted how Pastor Oyakhilome allegedly misrepresented statements made by Bill Gates during a TED talk in 2010.

During one of his sermons in August 2023, Oyakhilome purportedly misquoted Gates, suggesting he was part of a conspiracy aimed at reducing the world’s population.

However, Gates’ remarks pertained to carbon dioxide emissions and the potential impact of improved healthcare and vaccines on population growth.

Contrary to Oyakhilome’s claims, Gates did not advocate for depopulation.

Additionally, Pastor Oyakhilome allegedly made baseless allegations about the World Mosquito Programme facility in Colombia, falsely accusing it of being linked to the Gates Foundation and engaging in the production of genetically modified mosquitoes for depopulation purposes.

In reality, the facility is a non-profit entity associated with Monash University in Australia and does not use genetically modified organisms in its processes.

Beyond Boders also learned that this is not the first time Pastor Oyakhilome has spread misinformation about vaccines.

He has previously targeted the HPV vaccine, suggesting hidden agendas behind its administration, despite its proven effectiveness in preventing cervical cancer.

Moreso, Nigeria launched a significant immunization campaign for girls in October 2023 to combat cervical cancer, which claims the lives of thousands of Nigerian women annually.

Studies have shown that the HPV vaccine significantly reduces the risk of cervical cancer, contradicting Oyakhilome’s claims.

Furthermore, Pastor Oyakhilome has made inaccurate claims about other vaccines, including tetanus and polio vaccines, and has spread misinformation about messenger RNA vaccines, falsely alleging that they alter DNA.

In reality, vaccines work by training the immune system to recognize and fight specific viruses, without affecting an individual’s DNA.

Pastor Oyakhilome’s dissemination of misleading information has raised concerns among former members of his congregation, with one individual expressing worries about his influence.

Regulatory bodies have also taken action against Oyakhilome’s network, citing the dissemination of potentially harmful statements about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines.

In response to the controversy, Bill Gates reiterated his stance on population growth and health improvement, stating, “When health improves, families choose to have less kids.”

Gates emphasized the importance of accurate information dissemination to promote global health initiatives.

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