‘I Am Not Talking Because I Need Sympathy,’ Jasmine Opens Up on How She Became Mr Ibu’s Adopted Daughter

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Jasmine Okekeagwu, John ‘Mr Ibu’ Okafor’s adopted daughter, in a recent revelation, shared her perspective on the intricate dynamics within the actor’s family, stating how she became his adopted daughter.

As spotted by Beyond Boders, her association with Mr Ibu dates back to 2020, but her name gained prominence in February 2023 amid allegations from Mr Ibu’s second wife, Stella Maris, accusing her of an affair with the actor.

Later, Jasmine disclosed Mr Ibu’s health struggles, initiating a public appeal for financial aid.

Generous contributions poured in, including support from the Abubakar Bukola Saraki (ABS) Foundation, covering Mr Ibu’s medical expenses.

In a surprising turn, Jasmine announced on November 6, 2023, that Mr Ibu underwent amputation after seven surgeries.

As the family faced online disputes over donated funds, accusations arose, resulting in the arrest of Jasmine and Mr Ibu’s son, Daniel Onyeabuchi, for alleged fraud.

In a heartfelt video posted on YouTube, Jasmine explained that Mr Ibu adopted her following the loss of her biological father years ago.

Their bond deepened in 2020 when Mr Ibu sought financial assistance while she was studying in Cyprus.

Jasmine emphasized her motivation for sharing the story, stating, ““I am not talking because I need people to sympathise with me. I am talking because I feel like I have been abused and used, and I hope you guys are patient enough to listen to the entire story because it means a lot to me.”

She shed light on her father’s passing, Mr Ibu’s supportive role, and how financial requests initiated her involvement.

Watch video below for further details:



Reacting, netizens dropped the following comments:

chiamzy9: “Bla bla bla ,leave person family alone desperado,is it too much to ask eeh akwuna Cyprus,old wonan”

iloh_precious: “So it’s because of this, that you went to the studio for a full glam”

olatorera__: “Leave another person’s family along and face yours madam ! At least you have yours”

gennyluv2: “I will still say it again. Ibu said it with her mouth that he was dating you. Ibu said he stopped sleeping with you when he noticed you are sleeping with his son too. So most things you did for this family was for your own selfish interest. He was bold enough to say you were his girl friend. My dear no marriage is better. How can you push his wife one corner and be managing her home? Those people supporting you cannot accept it. No marriage is a bed of roses. Ibu get his own for body too. When he has the money he was busy cruising with girls, including you. Now you guys are looking by all means to paint the wife black. Leave the family alone. Madam manager. The police also confirmed that you and ibus son removed money from the donation too.”

ga_bri.ella_: “@gennyluv2 and u be person mama like this”

jewel_derabii: “A celeb is going through hard, someone stood by them, rendering help, and making sure he’s lively, something the wife couldn’t do, may y’all blaming this girl never see help whenever y’all are in needs! Umu Ekwensu.”

iam_virtues: “So because you wan tell us story, you do make up?

Omo you really chop that money oo”



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