‘I Was Set Up,’ Lizzy Anjorin Breaks Silence Over Alleged Gold Theft

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Actress Lizzy Anjorin Denies Theft Allegations, Claims Misunderstood Money Transfer

Popular Nollywood star, Lizzy Anjorin, has spoken out against accusations of theft after a controversial video surfaced online.

As spotted by Beyond Boders, the video which quickly went viral, showed Anjorin in a store attempting to defend herself against allegations of stealing gold from a market in Lagos Island.

In the footage, Anjorin, wearing a facemask, could be seen trying to prevent the person recording from capturing her face and the unfolding events.

Despite her efforts, voices in the background could be heard supporting her innocence.

Anjorin, embarrassed by the situation, shifted position to avoid being filmed directly.

As the scene unfolded, shop owners could be seen attempting to manage the situation, urging onlookers to leave.

Addressing the incident, Anjorin clarified that it stemmed from a misunderstanding regarding a failed money transfer.

She explained that she attempted to transfer N91,000 to a seller on Tom Jones Street in the Idumota area of Lagos, but the transaction did not go through as intended.

Asserting her innocence, Anjorin emphasized that the incident had been blown out of proportion and misrepresented.

She maintained that she was not involved in any theft and urged the public to consider the facts before passing judgment.

Watch video below:



Reacting to Anjorin’s statement, netizens commented thus:

hitgistng: “Yes. Gold can actually be 90k depending on the Gram. E.g. As at today 1 gram of 18years t gold is 78k..So 1.2 gram can actually be 90k. It’s obvious most of you have never bough gold to know how much it really with and how it’s being measured.”

opeyemijuliet6: “But wait Lizzy how did iyabo got to know you went to idumota??abi she put tracker on ur body ??”

_miiiracc: “You stole it or not? No waste my data abeg”

nihin_ar: “I don’t believe that she stole , if you have been to her store at Ikoyi before u will understand what I am saying .”

joytee_a: “I was just telling a friend of mine that she was going to twist this whole thing”

ewaoba_: “I don’t believe she stole it though.”

viitamin_k: “How could anyone that is in her right sense even believe that shlt that gistlover posted ? Isn’t it obvious that she was set up?apoda lo poju ninuyin”

cute_rikkie: “You steal Abi you no steal…”



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