Indian Teacher Suspended After Allegedly Insulting Black Students in South African School

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A teacher at Curro Academy Protea Glen in Soweto, South Africa, has been suspended due to accusations of racism.

Reports suggest that Tayabah Jadwat, an Indian teacher, allegedly referred to three students as monkeys after they disrupted the class, while the school management is said to have tried to ignore the incident.

Curro Holdings, the school’s owner, stated that they learned about the incident last Friday and immediately launched an investigation.

The alleged incident is believed to have occurred in the first term of the previous year.

The school authorities clarified that no formal complaint was lodged at the time. However, upon discovering the allegations, the executive head of the school promptly informed the Curro head office.

Curro has suspended the teacher and initiated a disciplinary inquiry. The process will adhere to the group’s policies and procedures. They are also committed to providing counseling or other support to the affected students after consulting with their parents.


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