Kaka’s Ex-wife Sets Record Straight, Denies Leaving Him for Being ‘Too Perfect’

Caroline Celico who was once married to the famous Brazilian footballer, Ricardo Kaka, has clarified recent rumours about their divorce.

It was falsely reported that she left Kaka because he was “too perfect” for her. However, Celico explained that their separation was a mutual decision, and they have been co-parenting their two children.

Recall that Kaka and Celico tied the knot in December 2005 and welcomed two kids into their family: a son named Luca Celico Leite (born June 10, 2008), and a daughter named Isabella Celico Leite (born April 23, 2011).

After a decade of marriage, they went their separate ways without publicly stating the reasons for their split.

Recently, a fake quote attributed to Celico circulated online, suggesting that she left Kaka because he was too perfect.

This caused speculation and criticism from fans worldwide. However, Celico took to her Instagram to refute the false statement, emphasizing that her divorce from Kaka was amicable.

She shared, “I got divorced almost 10 years ago, from those 14 years of relationship there are 2 lovely teenagers.

“It’s been almost 8 years. I am with my husband Eduardo, and we are having our first child next month.

“I have a lot of respect for my lifetime story, and I am very grateful for everything I have lived so far. My ex-husband and I found a healthy way to raise our children, and I’m so grateful for this.”

It is worth noting that Kaka remained a single father for about four years before marrying Brazilian model Carolina Dias.

Interestingly, Celico and her husband are also anticipating the arrival of their first child together.

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