Mohbad’s Mother Makes Heartbreaking Plea to Bury Her Son [Video]

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The mother of late Nigerian singer Mohbad is desperately seeking help from the public to convince her estranged husband to allow their son to be buried.

In a tearful video that has gone viral, Mrs. Abosede Olumiyi revealed that the police have released her son’s body for burial following an autopsy. However, Mohbad’s father has insisted that the body remain in police custody, delaying the burial process.

Mrs. Olumiyi has pleaded with her husband to allow their son to rest in peace, but her pleas have fallen on deaf ears. She has also reached out to the Commissioner of Police for assistance, but he has been unable to sway the father’s decision.

With no other options left, Mrs. Olumiyi is turning to the public for help. She is begging Nigerians to speak to her son’s father and urge him to reconsider his decision.

“Nigerians, please help me,” she pleads in the video. “The police have released Mohbad’s body for burial, but his father insists on keeping it in their custody. I have begged him to let us lay our son to rest, but he refuses. I am at my wit’s end. Please, I need your help.”

Watch video below:

Her emotional appeal has touched the hearts of many, as people have taking to social media to express their support and urge Mohbad’s father to do the right thing. See comments below:

roseokpo: “She has to speak out too. The man is doing too much. God heal u mama mohbad,no one loves a child more than the mother. Everything shows u really tried having children with this man.”

kabirucostrouble: “Where this woman dey when the man dey use carpentry money raise the boy…9ja unna won justice but you are blind to see the truth”

philconcepts: “This family smh. After God, it was him but u left him all alone to face the hard time all alone without any guidance before he find himself in a wrong crew like the record label. May God have mercy all on MohBad shortcomings have give him eternal rest. Father and Mother now tackling themselves on social media chai..oga o”

olawunmig: “What killed your son?”

aremo_jesu: “Baba want DNA test!!!”

tiwani___: “The wife is the only person that is eligible to sign for the body, wtf is wrong with man, now you don’t want to bury but were in a rush to bury in two months ago. Father of the year indeed”

ashabishadollar_brand_promoter: “To those of u that said u cant love Mohbad more than his father, what is ur take on this, walahi ogun idile pelu iku to pa Mohbad”

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