‘Na Factory Be Your House?,’ Fans Respond To Singer Rudeboy’s Lamentation on Spending N3m Monthly on Diesel

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Popular Nigerian singer Paul Okoye, better known as Rudeboy of the Psquare duo, has got fans reacting to his lamentation on the excruciating economic hardship in the country, especially the hike in petroleum products.

Beyond Boders learned that Rudeboy in a post on his Instagram story, said he bought his first car for N120,000 many years ago, but spends N3 million monthly on buying diesel currently.

“I bought my first car 120k naira years back and I was very proud of that,” Rudeboy wrote. “Now I spend 3m naira on diesel for just a month… Total madness. Only God knows what a common man is going through.”

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While Rudeboy’s post resonated with many Nigerians, who have taken to social media to share their own experiences of economic hardship, others questioned his comment. See reactions below:

Official_Isaaco: “Na factory be your house?, These boys go just dey lie.”

OMO_9JA: “Mule which year did you buy a car for 120k, this is 1999, check thr car price.”

Uncle_Onos: “Unfortunately, this is actually the reality for everyone. This is a trying time for most Nigerians.

I see some situations and just sigh.”

IamEriOluwa: “Lie? The question is what is the size of his generator and how steady is the electricity in the area? And even at that, can the electricity power some appliances when it’s on or it’s low current? N3mIllion has become nothing in the context of the reality in Nigeria at the moment.”

Seyiboyadebayo: “12 hours of mikano gen, how many liters of diesel do you think it will use?”

Dat_Oronboy: “It’s either you’re rich or poor in Nigeria nothing like common man or middle class”

iamKayLuv: “I always tell people this but they won’t listen middle class has left the hierarchy a long time ago”

sammy_side: “Dey play, even my papa wey no be Celeb gan i sabi how much petrol he dey use. Broo that guy is talking about diesel and not even petrol ooo. Na ikd u dey stay? Even men wey dey ikd spend pass 3m in a month, on diesel nio.”

IgweVictorChuk2: “Lies.
Na 100k per day be that
Light no Dey the estate??”

Joceebosco: “So he mention say na only car and house abi. Ein business nko other transportation. U Sha wan comment first”

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