See How Kess’ Wife Dragged BBNaija Organizers

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Della Morales, the wife of former Big Brother Naija reality show housemate, Kess, has dragged the Big Brother Naija production  for selecting her husband for their show.

Beyond Boders reports that Morales has  accused Kess of cheating on her with Christy O, also a former BBNaija housemate.

The heartbroken wife of the reality star spoke in a viral video on Thursday, calling out the organizers of BBNaija and Multichoice for selecting her husband as they wanted all their drama on the show for money.

Angel also revealed she made the selection of Kess possible on the show, since she was put up to acknowledge she was his wife.

“He auditioned at the hotel. He added me at the audition; hello everybody, this is my beautiful wife, Angel. And I said hi everybody.

“I am on his audition video, which is the reason why Big Brother picked him, because they want a married couple.”

Kess said before his audition that the BBNaija show was simply for playing games and causing drama but refused to tell her it was about “shipping, being intimate, among other things,” according to her.

Watch video below:

Beyond Boders recalls that Morales shared some of her husband’s alleged chat with Christy O in order to buttress her allegations, as she accused Kess of hitting her on the head.

Netizens have so far, reacted to this video. See comments below:

ella_smith12t: “The way Kess and Christy O judged housemates on this socal media you would not know the kind of atrocities they are committing. Shame”

chidimmaaniebue: “But kess didn’t misbehave while in the house. The house mate gave him that respect that he is married. And they were even calling him Sir kess. Only una two know the true story.”

dark_shawtyy: “Even if evidence dey I’ll support his wife that kess ehn never”

___q.ese: “His son died ke
I thought it was a miscarriage. Jesus and he came out that period and was partying”

weightlossandmore: “Please don’t spill your marriage issues online , it never ends well”

xxnifesi: “I support this woman ,Sorry you had to go through this .Kess wouldn’t have won anyways”

isskyu: “So sorry dear, not all men are worth the stress or tears.”

layzonic27: “This is so painful to watch. I am wishing you all the healing you need, Angel”

pmreignsfoundations: “The reason why I’m confuse with this whole issue cos kess publicly said he was happily married and they are expecting a son yhyh .. know she is in pains but she take it easy ..cos she feels her hubby is cheating but no evidence. They can settle its peacefully …”

__datpiscesgirl: “This woman went through a lot. Kess is nothing but a user. You dare come for Ceec. You are mad. His family didn’t even care that she lost her child, they were chasing Bbn cash. Hungry , desperate people.”

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