Shakira Threatens Ex-partner Gerard Piqué, Thrives After Breakup

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Shakira, a Colombian singer, has threatened her ex-partner Gerard Piqué with her songs, as she is on a musical roll while using her breakup as inspiration for her hit songs.

The “Waka Waka” crooner made the announcement that she is not done yet, as she has more songs coming out that will take aim at her ex-partner.

Beyond Boders reports that the seasoned musician from Barranquilla acknowledged that she is currently “very much in love” with her work, and she’s using the pain of her breakup to fuel her creativity.

She’s been surprised by her own resilience, while being grateful that music has been her main survival tool.

“I have been surprised by the possibility of being able to make lemonade with the sourest lemons,” said Shakira at Billboard’s Latin Music Week.

She further disclosed that there are many stories she intends telling through her songs.

“There are many things I want to say, things to try musically, but the time will come.

“It turns out I was less fragile than I thought and music has been my main survival tool. I have been surprised by the possibility of being able to make lemonade with the sourest lemons”, she said about the process she has gone through in these months after ending her relationship with the ex-player.”

Shakira who now lives in Miami, which she describes as a “catharsis” for her, says she felt stifled in Barcelona, but that she is now able to blossom in Miami.

Recall that her recent song with Bizarrap, “Session Vol. 53,” was a worldwide hit, and it did not shy away from attacking Piqué.

Many people asked her to change the lyrics, but she refused, according to her, as she is not a diplomat, but a woman, who is free to express herself however she wants.

“They told me: ‘Change the lyrics, that can’t come out’, and I answered that I’m not a diplomat of the United Nations, I’m a woman, a wounded wolf. Now it’s not like that anymore, now nobody tells the artist who to relate to or do. Nowadays everything has changed, nowadays singing in Spanish is the coolest thing to do”, she explained about the content she included in the song.

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