Shallipopi Biography (Early Life, Career, Net Worth)

Crown Uzama, better known as Shallipopi, emerged as a rising star in Nigeria’s music scene.

This 23-year-old hip-hop artiste has captured the attention of music lovers with his unique sound and compelling lyrics.

Early Life

Born on April 12, 2000, in Benin, Nigeria, Shallipopi spent his formative years in Benin, where he was exposed to the rich cultural tapestry of Nigeria.

Surrounded by the vibrant rhythms and melodies of his homeland, he developed a deep appreciation for music from an early age.

His family’s support and encouragement fueled his passion, inspiring him to pursue a career in the music industry.

In pursuit of his dreams, Shallipopi made the bold decision to relocate to Lagos State, the epicentre of Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

It was here that he found the platform to showcase his talent and make his mark on the music scene.


Despite his burgeoning music career, Shallipopi remained committed to his education.

In 2023, he graduated from Auchi Polytechnic with a degree in Computer Science. Balancing the demands of his studies with his musical pursuits was no easy feat, but Shallipopi’s determination and perseverance propelled him to success in both realms.


Shallipopi’s journey to fame began with humble origins. He started by sharing freestyles on social media platforms like TikTok, using the digital landscape to showcase his lyrical prowess and magnetic stage presence.

His raw talent and authentic approach quickly garnered attention, attracting a loyal following of fans eager to support his rise to stardom.

In 2023, Shallipopi experienced a breakthrough moment with the release of his single “Elon Musk.”

The infectious track struck a chord with listeners, catapulting him into the spotlight and solidifying his status as a rising star in the Nigerian music scene.

As the song climbed the charts, Shallipopi’s star continued to rise, earning him accolades and opportunities within the industry.

Awards and Nominations

While Shallipopi’s career is still in its early stages, his talent has already been acknowledged by his peers and industry insiders alike.

His debut studio album, “Presido La Pluto,” garnered critical acclaim and commercial success, earning him nominations and awards within the Nigerian music community. As he continues to hone his craft and expand his artistic horizons, Shallipopi remains poised for even greater achievements in the years to come.

Personal Life

Beyond his musical endeavours, Shallipopi leads a relatively low-key personal life. He remains dedicated to his craft, spending countless hours in the studio perfecting his sound and honing his craft.

While he enjoys the perks of fame and success, Shallipopi remains grounded and focused on his ultimate goal: creating music that resonates with his audience and leaves a lasting impact on the world.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: @theycallmeshallipopi

X (Twitter): @plutomaniapopi

Tiktok: @plutomaniapopi


Like many artistes, Shallipopi has faced his fair share of challenges and controversies along the way.

From copyright disputes to legal issues, he has navigated the pitfalls of fame with grace and resilience, emerging stronger and more determined than ever.

Through it all, Shallipopi has remained true to himself and his artistry, refusing to let adversity dampen his spirit or derail his dreams.


Shallipopi’s discography boasts a diverse array of hits, each showcasing his unique style and creative vision. His songs include:

  1. Puff & Pass (2023)
  2. Obapluto (2023)
  3. Cast (2023)
  4. Ex Convict (2023)
  5. Oscroh (2023)
  6. Things on Things (2023)
  7. Evil Receive (2023)
  8. Plutomania (2023)
  9. Elon Musk (2023)
  10. Wet on Me (2023)
  11. Speedometer (2023)
  12. Over the Seas (2023)
  13. Never Ever (2023)
  14. More Than Me (2023)
  15. Ahead Ahead (2023)
  16. Sharpiru (2023)
  17. So What? (2023)
  18. Iyo (2023)
  19. Top Nigga (2021)
  20. Jonze (2023)
  21. Eazy (2023)
  22. Child’s Play (2023)
  23. Jungle (2023)
  24. Shapiru (2023)
  25. Jerusalem (2023)
  26. Evian Dey (2023)
  27. Free Beat (2023)
  28. Gra Gra (2021)
  29. Power (2022)
  30. Shaka (2022)
  31. Ex Convict (2023)


Net Worth

In 2024, Shallipopi’s updated net worth stands at approximately $200,000 (equivalent to 170 million Naira), firmly establishing him as one of the wealthiest emerging rap artistes in Nigeria.

His yearly earnings surpass $350,000, with a monthly income reaching $29,000.

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