WATCH: ‘I Never Told Nedu The Child Was His Own’, Nedu’s Ex-wife Reacts To Old Video Resurfaced Online

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Recently, estranged wife of media personality Nedu Wazobia, Uzoamaka Ohiri has been in the news as she reacted to an old video of her resurfaced on the internet.

In the video, Ohiri was heard saying she never told Nedu that their first child was his, and that he just assumed because they were married.

“I never told Nedu the child was his own. He just assumed because we were married.”

Beyond Boders reports that Ohiri’s reaction comes after Nedu shared a DNA test result in September 2021, proving that he is not the biological father of their first child. This was in response to accusations of domestic violence by Ohiri.

Ohiri in a statement released on her Instagram page, said she was not surprised that the video resurfaced, as she was not afraid of the truth.

She also disclosed that she is willing to take a DNA test to prove that she is the biological mother of all three of her children.

Her statement reads:

“I am not surprised that this old video has resurfaced. I have always been truthful about my past, and I am not afraid of the truth. I want to state categorically that I am the biological mother of all three of my children. I am willing to take a DNA test to prove this.

I am also not afraid to speak out against domestic violence. I have been a victim of domestic violence myself, and I am determined to help other women who are going through the same thing.

I urge everyone to be respectful of my children and my family during this difficult time.”

Watch post below:

As usual, Ohiri’s reaction to the old video has sparked a debate on social media. While some people supported her, others blamed her for the situation. Here are comments below:

crownwealth07: “This woman is saying rubbish with confidence
No wonder Nedu is always attacking women”

aduke_luxury_store: “You never told Nedu the child was his, he just assumed the child was his because you guys were married….. please are your normal ma? Is your brain intact?! Why did you not come clean to him?! Omo!!!!”

havilahdivas101: “Aunty you’re no more important pls we are looking for Mohbad killers”

keenah_25: “Shey the interviewer no get oraimo cord ni ?”

officialdaddymo: “Another reason why you should never ignore red flags in your relationship or marriage. They will come back and call you insecure when you stop tolerating their rubbish and toxic behavior.”

arakenge_: “Let’s just imagine a husband asking his wife who just delivered a baby “who is the father?”… Shey that kain wife no go wan crase or feel insulted that her husband would ask her such? If the children were truly Nedu’s, and he had asked her that question, would she not be mad or even threaten a divorce for thinking low of her? How do you grant an interview and start talking in the nonsense?”

garry_tee: “Leicester had more premier league goals in 2023 season but got relegated in May. Wearing glasses and expensive wigs ain’t proof of intelligence”

fiisiiayomi: “How’s this woman bold enough to do this?
Doesn’t she have family members to slap some sense into her?”

elvischucks: “This here , is the highest level of manipulation. No shame @ all .”

emekaamakeze: “My imagination is running wild over how dangerously manipulative she is.”

officialyetundebakare: “Your husband that married you … assumed…please is there a room in yaba ???”

certified_djnautica: “This lady need better 5G slap from back”

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