WATCH: Reactions as Dancer Kaffy Challenges Traditional Notion of Masculinity

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Fitness coach and dancer Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau popularly known as Kaffy, recently sparked a debate about masculinity when she appeared on Toke Makinwa’s podcast.

The award-winning choreographer said that men should be encouraged to pursue other aspects of their lives, such as their careers, relationships, and friendships.

Also, she argued that the devil has deceived men into believing that their manliness is characterized by the number of women they sleep with.

Beyond Boders further reports that Kaffy strongly opposes this notion, claiming that it is not the way to a meaningful existence, as she believes that masculinity is much more than sexual conquests.

Watch clip below:

The dancer’s remarks have sparked a whirlwind of responses, with many persons questioning the societal conventions that have maintained this view of manhood. See comments below:

itisbobby: “Thiss >>> but anytime I say it I get referred to as gay and a poosy but it’s fine”

wealthbash: “How can this be coming from a woman that cheated on her husband while in her matrimonial home. Women shall”

lessingjohn.son: “I love it when people are unapologetically honest with their truth”

_jamesreviews: “Real fact”

godblessgift242: “The devil is now distracting the women to believe what bring happiness is marrying a rich man, even if they are the 10th wife…Women now thinks dating a poor man is helping the poor man”

darkskingurl: “I always will say it, no be only girl Dey cast. Man dey cast and I won’t be with a man that has literally slept with anything in skirt”

kinda cruise: “If pussy is hard to find, men will work.. since it’s cheap like really cheap, men will pay.. either way, women have pussy and they also want money.. men want pussy and they have money.. it’s transactional… until women make money worthless and raise up dignity and integrity all this talk is rubbish.”

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