Why My Manhood Doesn’t Rise Anymore – Charly Boy

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Renowned singer, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy or Area Fada, recently shared insights into his decreased interest in women, attributing it to personal health challenges.

Speaking on The Honest Bunch podcast, Charly Boy disclosed his previous fondness for women, particularly those with ample derriere and bosoms.

However, the singer revealed a significant change in his preferences, explaining that he no longer feels attracted to women due to his struggle with erectile dysfunction.

Charly Boy candidly expressed, “Before I dey like women. I dey like nyash, correct nyash. I dey like factory-fitted nyash, boobie and everything. That was why I married that model, now my prick no dey rise.”

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Beyond Boders gathered the following reactions from netizens:

jenniferjennynancy: “So ur wife don tire u and u say it’s okay”

archy__inc: “Now my prick no Dey rise, how we go do am?”…that question won Grammy”

c_b_n_official: “This is my best episode so far. I had to watch it for about 1hr 46mins. It was truly honest-ing”

cylifeoftheparty: “I enjoyed this show”

sculptdesignng: “Amazing to watch”

img_faith: “Interesting conversation”

luchicool5: “A woman can get tired of eating one particular dehydrated cucumber for years and decides to change it.”

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