Wife, Daughter Clash Over Donation as Mr. Ibu’s Family Feud Continues

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A new clash has emerged between Stella Maris, the wife of veteran Nollywood actor, John Okafor better known as Mr Ibu, and his adopted daughter, Jasmine Okafor, amidst his ongoing health challenges.

The dispute reportedly stems from a donation made to Mr. Ibu, with Jasmine alleging that Stella Maris intends to use the money to fund her lavish lifestyle.

As gathered by Beyond Boders, screenshots of an alleged chat between Jasmine and a friend have been circulating online, in which she (Jasmine) expressed her frustration with Stella Maris’ alleged plans to purchase an iPhone 15 and new cars with the donation money.

Jasmine also claimed that Stella Maris has already withdrawn N1 million from the donation account.

Beyond Boders recalls that this is not the first time the Okafor family has made headlines for discord. Stella Maris and Jasmine had clashed over Mr. Ibu’s property and finances in the past.

In an attempt to resolve the conflict, the police intervened, appointing Jasmine as Mr. Ibu’s manager, with instructions to operate under Stella Maris’ oversight.

Also, Mr. Ibu was directed to refrain from staying overnight at Jasmine’s residence.

Despite the previous disputes, Stella Maris has retracted her prior statement about Jasmine Okafor, declaring her as “her” daughter.

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The revelation has sparked mixed reactions from the public, with some criticizing Jasmine for interfering in her father’s marital affairs, while others questioned Stella Maris’ intentions. See comments below:

omonighoevelyn1: “Did you all read the part they wrote,his wife wants to kill him? I thought as much”

panache_zeal: “If no be thz Jasmine lady, this woman for don kpai this man. No be say Jasmine sef no go see at all at all, but her priority na mk mr ibu dey ok, but u see that him wife, she no care of night turn to morning…”

_barbieluxury: “How are you sure Jasmine and her fried are telling you the truth Jasmine should just l”

iamjanejude: “Why is this jazmine girl controlling this man affairs?? I don’t understand this,why is she controlling his life instead of his wife?????? Can you imagine? How can jasmine be in charge of his donations instead of his family,his wife?廊his wife has his children why is jasmine doesn’t even hv his kids controlling his affairs? Haa this one is off.jasmine leave his wife his family to take control of his affairs including his account!!”

oriakueternal: “At the end of the day, that woman is his WIFE,has over two kids for him…why should you be dragging money matters with her…doesn’t me ibu have a lawyer?what right do you have to drag money issues with his WIFE…I personally think this is all shades of wrong”

mz_lilianna: “Make Jazmin ku ku marry am na. Rubbish.”

miryamatsagbadekor: “That’s his wife. Period. Jazmine should get out!!!!!”

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