2 New Airlines to Help Expand Your Travel Options in Nigeria

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In recent times, several new airlines have gained approval to operate both domestically and internationally, enriching and expanding air travel options in Nigeria. Some have swiftly gained recognition, while others are gradually making their mark.

1. Nigeria Air

Nigeria Air, the official National Carrier, was unveiled amidst controversy just three days before President Tinubu’s inauguration. Positioned as a successor to the defunct Nigerian Airways, the government greenlit the airline’s operations by approving three aircraft in July of the previous year.

2. United Nigeria Airlines

Established with a focus on domestic flight services, United Nigeria Airlines took flight in February 2021. Its primary goal is to enhance connectivity between various cities in Nigeria, offering improved travel options for the nation.

These new additions, including Nigeria Air and United Nigeria Airlines, contribute to the growth and expansion of Nigeria’s aviation industry, providing diverse choices for travelers seeking seamless journeys within the country.

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