A$AP Rocky to Stand Trial for Allegedly Firing Gun at Former Friend

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In a significant development, a Los Angeles judge has given the green light for a trial against rapper A$AP Rocky on charges of firing a gun at a former friend and collaborator in 2021.

Superior Court Judge ML Villar ruled after a day and a half of preliminary hearings, where two witnesses testified.

As learned by Beyond Boders, Rocky who pleaded not guilty to assault charges, maintained a composed demeanor upon hearing the judge’s decision.

Judge Villar, noting the lower standard for evidence in preliminary hearings, said the video and testimony presented were enough to proceed to trial.

Rocky’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, expressed confidence in his client’s eventual vindication, stating, “We expected to go to trial, we’ve been planning for trial all along. Rocky will be vindicated without question.”

During the hearing, Terell Ephron, a longtime friend of Rocky, testified about their deteriorating relationship leading to a Hollywood confrontation on November 6, 2021. Ephron claimed Rocky pulled a gun on him, and later shots were fired, grazing his knuckles.

Deputy District Attorney Paul Przelomiec asserted that Ephron’s testimony alone established probable cause, supported by surveillance footage.

Tacopina challenged the prosecution, pointing out issues with the complainant’s testimony. He argued that evidence was insufficient for trial, emphasizing that officers found no evidence at the scene and highlighted problems with the recovered shell casings.

The defense questioned the authenticity of a video showing Rocky near the scene, suggesting the police couldn’t confirm if the depicted weapon was loaded or real.

Despite Tacopina’s aggressive questioning, Judge Villar cautioned him for his tone, emphasizing respectful courtroom conduct.

Rocky, arrested in April and charged in August, remains free on bail as he faces the upcoming trial.

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