Boko Haram Strikes Chibok Again, Resulting in Two Casualties, Food Looting

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Chibok town, located in Borno State, made headlines once more as Boko Haram insurgents launched a brutal attack on Tuesday evening, claiming the lives of two individuals and causing injuries.

Beyond Boders reports that this town gained global attention in April 2014 when insurgents abducted over 300 students from the Government Girls Secondary School.

According to local reports, the intense attack occurred around 7 pm, catching residents off guard as insurgents opened fire, leading to widespread panic.

Fleeing residents sought refuge in the surrounding bushes, while the insurgents engaged in a shooting spree, set homes ablaze, and looted food supplies.

Moreso, Moses Adamu, a local resident, stated that many sought shelter in the bushes overnight, while some may have found refuge in neighbouring communities.

He mentioned, “We are certain that two persons died of the terrorists’ gunshots, but there could be more loss of lives, which we cannot ascertain yet, because the villagers started trooping back home this afternoon.”

Also, the Borno Police Command confirmed the attack, noting a swift response from a joint team of the military, police, and local vigilante.

Police spokesman Nahum Kenneth reported, “The attack was repelled by the joint effort of the military and the police. Unfortunately, two persons were killed – one of the deceased, named Mr. Badi, aged 75, and one Ngule, aged 45, died during the attack. However, the situation has since returned to normal.”

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