Cynthia Morgan’s Appeal for DNA Test from Father Stirs Mixed Reactions

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Nigerian hip-hop artiste Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan better known by her previous stage name Cynthia Morgan, has caused a buzz online, following her plea to her father for a DNA test.

A recent post spotted on social media saw Madrina as she is now called, accuse her father of not knowing her pains, labeling him a fraudster.

“I always knew the part of him being a fraud though, reason I am finally asking for a DNA,” the post partly read.

The Instagram story Beyond Boders reports, also claimed that he has been spreading lies about her and intends to go on the media circuit to disparage her.

View post below:

The singer has left social media buzzing with the following comments:

niffy_unusual: “I won’t blame her Sha because you people that has a responsible and good father don’t know what God has done for you and y’all can never relate” “She’s trying to control the narrative herself before he mess up her name.. Some parents believe once they give birth to you, they’ve done their best so its you who should take care of them..Some make their teenage kids bread winners.. smh”

drealglowria: “Stop blaming her, some of us are lucky while some are unlucky. Stop throwing shade on her.”

seun_dreams: “This girl, temmy ovwasa and aunty kem kem should all be put in a boxing ring”

harri_moore: “Gone are those days where children go back to look for dead beats, Father. I keep saying this… children know the role each parent played in their lives. when I hear after they will look for their dad I laugh in Spanish”

kamsi778: “Oba pls help us investigate something, the 4million cubana chiefpriest sent to mohbad’s father two days before the show is for what pls? And also the night mohbad d!Ed Davido sent his Dad 2 million by 2am, and after that they’ve been sending money to the man. Oba this mohbad’s de@th is deeper than we think”

boma_beautyempire: “People will still make fun of her. I wish we all understood how to**c the African home setting can be. The unnecessary pressure some parents put on their children is the reason cr*me is on the rise. Me? My aim in life is to fulfill proverbs 13:22… a good father leaves an inheritance for his children. My children are certainly not my retirement plan. This isn’t saying if you have and your parents are in need you shouldn’t help. Bless u”

ronnyeboony: “Cynthia looks like She is going through a lot and a lots is going through Her..but if she want a DNA ..who Are We to say otherwise”

arablounge: “None of you knows her pains so pls don’t judge her. May God heal you babe and give you the strength to overcome this !!”


bella_so_rich: “You are not in her shoes so don’t try to judge her or quote any scriptures. She knows what’s she talking about…Some parents can be mean and clueless. May God help us all!”

iamzainyz: “My own father is the best among the best, he’s a father and a Dad, if I am to come back to this world, I’ll choose him to be my father a million times over… I love you so much Blessing K and thanks for being a blessing to your kids and not their nightmare”

funmislist: “A dead beat father doesn’t deserve anything. Is just that one shouldn’t pay evil for evil. Do your bit without out over stretching yourself”

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