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Daily Trust Admits Errors in Samoa Agreement Report

Daily Trust newspaper, based in Abuja, has responded to protests from the Nigerian government about its report on the Samoa Agreement with the European Union.

The newspaper had claimed the agreement meant Nigeria would promote LGBTQ rights at home in exchange for a $150 billion loan.

Beyond Boders recalls that the Samoa Agreement was signed on June 28 in Brussels by Nigeria and other members of the Organisation of Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS).

Daily Trust’s report caused social, religious, and cultural tensions, with many discussing the issue in mosques and churches.

However, fact-checking by other media showed that the agreement did not include any clauses about LGBTQ rights or a $150 billion loan.

At a press conference on Saturday, Minister of Budget and Planning Atiku Bagudu and Minister of Information and National Orientation Mohammed Idris denied the newspaper’s claims.

Bagudu stated that the document made no mention of LGBTQ rights or the loan amount. He explained that the agreement focused on trade, human rights, and environmental issues.

“The partnership is about trade agreements, human rights and environmental promotion,” said Bagudu.

The ministers assured that Nigeria reviewed the agreement thoroughly, ensuring it aligned with the country’s laws.

Bagudu emphasized that Nigeria would not enter into any agreement harmful to its interests or citizens.

Minister Idris accused Daily Trust of repeatedly publishing false reports against the government, mentioning past instances like the alleged renaming of a road in Abuja after Prof. Wole Soyinka and a false report about a planned U.S. military base in Nigeria. He said the government would take legal action against Daily Trust.

In response, Daily Trust, through their legal adviser Maryam Aminu Bello, admitted to errors in their Samoa Agreement report. They acknowledged feedback from colleagues and agreed to review and correct the report.

They expressed willingness to apologize if their interpretation was wrong and assured they aimed to serve the public interest.

Daily Trust also clarified that they strive to report impartially and have done so under various governments since 1998.







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