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Davido Seeks Custody of Daughter Imade in Court Battle with Sophia Momodu

Famous singer Davido, also known as David Adeleke, is suing Sophia Momodu, the mother of his first child, Imade, to gain custody of their daughter.

Beyond Boders reports that the legal case was filed at the Lagos State High Court on April 17, 2024.

Davido’s lawyers, Dr. Olaniyi Arije and Okey Barrah, submitted a motion asking the court to grant joint custody of Imade to both parents.

Alternatively, they requested that Davido be allowed unrestricted access to his daughter.

In his affidavit, Davido explained that although he and Sophia had a relationship that resulted in Imade’s birth on May 14, 2015, they are no longer together.

Despite this, he has been fully involved in their daughter’s upbringing, covering her school fees and other educational needs.

Davido also mentioned that he provided housing for Sophia and Imade, offering them a N200 million apartment in a secure community in Lagos, which Sophia declined. She instead asked Davido to continue paying N5 million annually for a different rented home.

Additionally, Davido shared that he bought a Range Rover for Sophia and Imade, and later provided another vehicle, a Highlander SUV, after the Range Rover needed repairs.

He also gave Sophia N5.8 million for the Range Rover’s repair.

Despite these efforts, Davido claims Sophia has made excessive demands and has been difficult to deal with. She has asked for $800 per month for a nanny, totaling $19,600 per year, to be paid upfront.

Davido expressed his frustration, saying, “That notwithstanding my efforts in the overall interest of my daughter, the respondent has continued to make outlandish and Utopian demands to frustrate me.”

This ongoing conflict has led him to seek legal resolution to ensure he can be an active part of his daughter’s life.

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See reactions from netizens below:

EkhatorFestus05: “Child support na you mate?”

badinflu3nc3_: “Davido will definitely be a better parent than that woman that’s always twerking with Tiwa Savage half naked”

Oladapomikky1: “The mom is doing a perfect job raising her. It’s a pity how two people will be in love and create a child out of love and suddenly turn to strangers/ Enemies. I don’t want to ever experience this lord.”

Butterbabe91: “having a child together doesn’t obligate marriage, and leveraging a child for personal gain is inappropriate. It’s a good thing Davido is taking her to court for joint custody.”

donald_segun: “I was expecting him to file for full custody of the child instead of asking for unfettered access. That is the only way to not fund the lifestyle of the defendant.”

AGINAS: “He’s not asking too much. He’s only asking for joint custody of their daughter which I believe is his right as a father. His application is worth listening to but let the justice prevail. NJ”

RichDakvng: “Why’s dragging the child naw!! Because she knows Davido won’t send her money if the child is not with her lol.”


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