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‘Desperado Licking Every Behind,’ Aisha Yesufu Hits Back at Joe Igbokwe’s Remarks on Disrespecting National Anthem

Aisha Yesufu has responded to comments made by Joe Igbokwe, stating, “Joe Igbokwe should please call a family meeting and ask them to speak freely and tell him if they are not ashamed of who he is.”

She described him as “a desperado who goes about licking every behind no matter how smelly to be considered worthy of a morsel from the National cake.”

Beyond reports that Joe Igbokwe, a prominent member of the All Progressives Congress, had earlier criticized activist Aisha Yesufu for not respecting the new national anthem.

Yesufu, known for her activism, chose not to sing the national anthem “Nigeria we hail thee” at an event, instead opting to sit while others stood.

Yesufu posted a video of her sitting during the anthem on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, with the caption: “#NotMyNationalAnthem.”

In response, Igbokwe labeled her behaviour as “nonsensical” and warned of potential consequences for her and her family.

This comes after President Tinubu signed the National Anthem Bill 2024 into law on Wednesday, restoring “Nigeria we hail thee” as the national anthem.

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