DNA on Chidinma’s Dress Matches Ataga’s – Forensic Expert

A forensic expert named Dr. Richard Somiari recently shared crucial evidence in Chidinma Ojukwu’s trial.

This trial revolves around the tragic death of Michael Ataga, the CEO of Super TV, with Dr. Somiari disclosing before the Lagos State High Court that the DNA found on Chidinma’s red dress matched that of Michael Ataga.

Chidinma Ojukwu, a third-year student at the University of Lagos, is on trial for Ataga’s murder alongside her sister, Chioma Egbuchu, and Adedapo Quadri.

The court heard from Dr. Somiari, who works at the Lagos State DNA and Forensic Centre, about the evidence collected, including Chidinma’s stained dress and other items.

Dr. Somiari, who has fifteen years of experience in forensics, explained that his team received various items for analysis. These items included the red dress, a green T-shirt, and samples from Chidinma.

Additionally, samples like urine, blood, and gastric content were retained for toxicology reports.

The goal of their analysis, Dr. Somiari clarified, was to establish a connection between the suspect and the crime scene using evidence. He stated that the DNA on the red dress indeed matched that of the victim, Ataga.

During cross-examination, Dr. Somiari clarified that not all forensic reports go through certain procedures, and toxicology reports are handled by toxicologists, not forensic analysts like himself.

The court also granted the request to play a video of the crime scene. While the video played, Dr. Somiari confirmed that certain blood samples from the scene were not tested, emphasizing that his report’s markers were not related to the video.

Beyond Boders further reports that the defense counsels questioned Dr. Somiari about various aspects of the analysis, including DNA sampling from the suspects and his involvement in toxicology analysis, to which he responded accordingly.

After Dr. Somiari’s testimony, Justice Adesanya adjourned the case until May 30 for further proceedings.

Chidinma Ojukwu and her co-accused were arraigned by the Lagos State Government in October 2021 on charges related to the conspiracy, murder, and theft involving the late Ataga.

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