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Drone, Not Helicopter Crashed in Kaduna, NAF Clarifies

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has confirmed that one of its drones crashed on Monday after taking off for a mission near Rumji village in Kaduna State.

NAF spokesperson Edward Gabkwet made this announcement in Abuja, explaining that initial reports mistakenly said a NAF helicopter had crashed.

However, Mr. Gabkwet, an air vice marshal, clarified that it was a drone, not a helicopter.

He said, “The UAV experienced a mishap after take-off for a mission at a location near Rumji Village and about 15 km from Base.”

He added that no one was hurt in the incident, while an investigation has begun to find out what caused the crash.

Read full statement below:


Contrary to reports on social media as well as on a handful of traditional media outlets that a NAF helicopter had crashed in Kaduna earlier today, 1 July 2024, be informed that no helicopter crash occurred. Instead, a NAF Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) experienced a mishap after take-off for a mission, at a location near Rumji Village and about 15 Km from Base. Since it is an unmanned vehicle, there were no casualties on board or on ground. Preliminary investigation has since commenced to ascertain what may have caused the mishap. Nigerians can be rest assured that this minor setback will not, in anyway, impinge on all ongoing operations.

It should also be pointed out that the propensity to always rush to press in the name of ‘breaking news’ without a hold of the complete facts should be discouraged in its entirety. While the news of the crash filtered in, some outlets had misinformed Nigerians that a helicopter had crashed without the decency to clarify from the NAF. This attitude should be discouraged as it negates the principle of developmental journalism, balanced reporting and fairness. Members of the media are again advised to always seek clarification from authorized military outlets before rushing to ‘break’ the news.


Edward Gabkwet

Air Vice Marshal

Director of Public Relations and Information

Nigerian Air Force

1 July 2024

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