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Facebook Content Creators in Nigeria Can Now Make Money

Content creators in Nigeria can now earn money on Facebook, thanks to Meta’s recent update.

In May this year, Meta promised that Nigerian creators would be able to earn money from Facebook by June. The company has kept its promise.

Meta said, “Monetisation won’t be limited to just Instagram. Nigerian creators eligible to use our monetisation products will be able to also monetise on Facebook as well.”

Meta’s team has been working hard to make this happen quickly for Nigerian creators. On June 27, 2024, Meta officially added Nigeria to the list of countries eligible for Facebook monetisation.

Back in March, Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Sir Nick Clegg, visited Nigeria and met with President Bola Tinubu. During this visit, Meta announced a new feature on Instagram that would help Nigerian creators earn money.

Before this change, Nigerian content creators could not earn money from Facebook unless they managed their pages from an eligible country.

Now, they can earn money directly from ads on their posts, live videos, reels, bonuses, and subscriptions.



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