‘Foolish Boy,’  Brymo Claps Back at Burna Boy

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Popular Nigerian artistes Brymo and Burna Boy’s feud, has taken a turn for the worse, with Brymo calling Burna Boy a “foolish boy” and accusing him of lacking talent.

The feud began last month when Brymo publicly criticized Burna Boy, calling him “very fake” and “very unoriginal.”

Brymo also questioned Burna Boy’s Grammy win, alleging that his songs are full of samples and stolen slogans.

Burna Boy responded with a lyrical jab at Brymo during a live performance, singing, “Hustle, make you no go fall off like Brymo.”

Brymo hit back, calling Burna Boy foolish and accusing him of having no talent.

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Beyond Boders reports that the feud between the two artistes is rooted in a difference of opinion about the future of Afrobeat music. Brymo believes that Burna Boy and other new generation artistes are not respecting the legacy of Fela Kuti, the pioneer of Afrobeat.

It is also likely to continue, as both artistes have shown no signs of backing down.

Also, it has ignited fresh controversy in the Nigerian music industry, with fans and critics taking sides.

Some fans have accused Brymo of being jealous of Burna Boy’s success, while others have praised him for speaking his mind. See comments below:

Moe4Dem: “Stop crying.
Attention wey u dey find he don give u..
U fell off brymo. Maybe u go try do amapiano”

bigtimini: “Wetin go make me fall off like brymo God no go make me see am”

PrimeQuote_: “You fall off abi you no fall off?”

IamTOKOOL: “I am here for this.  Them talk say you fell off”

__just_lawson: “U really fall off.. as at 2018.. una two be dey waka naked together”

Sire__Gift: “Burna boy and talentless lyrics in the same sentence? Them need to arrest you fast”

AkConglomerate: “Your music get more substance . He can’t take that away from u.”

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