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Heavy Rains in Germany Kill Four

Heavy rains in southern Germany have caused floods, killing four people and forcing many to leave their homes.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited the area on Monday and warned that water levels might rise further.

In Baden-Wuerttemberg, police found a man and a woman dead in the basement of their home in Schorndorf, near Stuttgart.

The regions of Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg have seen many people evacuate due to the floods.

Earlier on Monday, a 43-year-old woman’s body was found in Schrobenhausen, Bavaria. On Sunday, a firefighter died in Pfaffenhofen after his boat overturned.

Train schedules have been widely disrupted by the flooding. A high-speed train between Stuttgart and Augsburg was derailed by a landslide, but no one was injured.

Chancellor Scholz emphasized that these floods are a sign of a bigger issue, linking them to climate change.

“This is not just one event like there have been for centuries.This is an indication that something is up here. We must not neglect the task of stopping man-made climate change,” said Scholz.

Moreso, weather experts warned that more heavy rains could hit southern and eastern Germany.

Bavarian Minister-President Markus Soder described the situation as “critical and tense,” with water levels rising in some areas like Regensburg and along the Danube River.

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