How Notable Lagos Pastor Broke Norms with Three Wives

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In a surprising twist, 52-year-old Joseph Apata, the General Overseer of Vineyard of Deliverance Ministry, commonly known as The Rock Church in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State, stepped into the spotlight with his three wives.

This charismatic pastor, often referred to as the “jagaban” of the spiritual realm, challenges societal norms by advocating for polygamy.

Pastor Apata has created a unique space within his ministry, where his three wives actively participate in church activities and receive monthly salaries.

Born into a diverse family in Ebira, Kogi State, Pastor Apata’s life took unexpected turns, surviving a miraculous resurrection at the age of two and facing abandonment on a mountain by his mother.

Despite early educational challenges, he embarked on a spiritual journey, starting as a pastor at Gate Way Baptist Church in 1988 and later establishing his congregation in 1998.

In an interview, Pastor Apata shared his unconventional approach to marriage. Initially marrying Margaret Tani, he later entered into a second marriage with widow Omowunmi, guided by what he believed to be divine instructions for personal and financial prosperity.

“In 2011, I told God I needed help. He directed me to marry a widow in the church, explaining that what one woman had disrupted in my life, another could mend. Despite initial reluctance, I approached my first wife on my birthday, 17 January 2011, to inform her of my intention. This led to my arrest, and I reiterated to the police that I must obey God. Although given the option to divorce me, my first wife chose to remain with me,” he explained.

A third marriage followed, prompted by a perceived health risk to his first wife, as Pastor Apata felt directed by God to bring in another spouse.

Beyond Boders further reports that contrary to expectations, Pastor Apata asserted that managing three wives is not a struggle, highlighting a well-organized system.

He resides with his first wife in the church compound, while the others have separate apartments. All his wives, educated and actively engaged in church roles, contribute to the vibrant community.

Dispelling misconceptions, Pastor Apata defended polygamy, citing biblical references and offering advice for those considering or exiting polygamous relationships.

He emphasized fairness, a divine calling, and choosing high-value partners as essential elements for a harmonious polygamous life.

In his own words, being a polygamous man requires a “very large heart,” and Pastor Apata aims to challenge stereotypes, while fostering a supportive and fulfilling family dynamic.

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