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Ireti Kingibe: Focus on 2027, Not Making Enemies, Omokri Warns Wike

Reno Omokri, who worked with former President Goodluck Jonathan, has advised the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesom Wike, to avoid making too many enemies.

Omokri suggested Wike should focus on helping President Bola Tinubu win the 2027 presidential election in the FCT instead of clashing with Senator Ireti Kingibe.

Beyond Boders recalls that Senator Kingibe criticized Wike for focusing more on infrastructure than on the needs of FCT residents.

She claimed that the residents were not happy with Wike’s work because it did not benefit them directly.

In response, Wike threatened that Kingibe would not return to the Senate in 2027. However, Omokri believes Wike should ignore her.

He posted on social media, saying, “Wike is opening too many battlefronts. He should learn how to pick and choose his battles. At worst, Ireti Kingibe is just an irritant. As FCT Minister, she has minimal ability to do you any actual harm beyond nuisance value.”

Omokri also pointed out that Wike should concentrate on winning FCT votes in 2027, noting that traditionally, the FCT votes for opposition parties. He said, “If you constantly make enemies everywhere you go, perhaps other people are not the problem. What is in Ireti Kingibe that you cannot transcend her by ignoring her?”

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