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‘I’ve Seen Your Husband Twice, Nobody Froze,’ Etim Effiong’s Wife, Toyosi Faces Backlash for Comments on Handling Insecurity

Toyosi, the wife of actor Daniel Etim Effiong, has shared how she manages her insecurities after marrying the well-known actor.

In an interview with Pulse, Toyosi said she has grown a lot since marrying Daniel. As they approach their seventh wedding anniversary in November, she looked back on the tough times in the early years of their marriage.

The media personality recalled an incident from when she was pregnant with their first child. During a scan, a woman kept knocking on the door. This upset Toyosi because it was a private moment.

When they opened the door, the woman screamed when she saw Daniel and said, “I knew it was you.”

Now a mother of three, Toyosi mentioned that she understands that many people cannot hide their excitement when they see her husband. She said some people even freeze in his presence.

Watch video below:


This revelation did not sit well with some fans, as they countered with the following comments:

nike_yefa: “I have seen your husband in Abuja twice. Nobody froze, not even the weather”

arafunmi: “This lady’s insecurity is so louddddddddd…..damn!”

choco___timi_: “If Toyosi no marry Etim ehnnn I don’t know what you’ll be talking about, cos she’s always trending for the insecurities she’s got with her hubby, correct me if I’m wrong she was also a fan turned wife”

ariwoolajanet: “I personally like Daniel but I don’t think he’s all that please stop drawing unnecessary attention to your marriage sister”

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