‘Jesus is King,’ Rema Denies Affiliation with Illuminati

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Award-winning Nigerian musician Divine Ikubor, better known as Rema, has denied having any affiliation with the Illuminati, a rumoured secret society that is often associated with conspiracy theories.

On Wednesday, the singer as spotted by Beyond Boders, addressed the rumours directly on his Instagram story, calling them “diabolical shit” and insisting that “Jesus is King.”

Rema asked his fans to educate his newer followers about his upbringing and history, so that they can understand that his success is due to hard work and talent, not to any occult forces.

“Day 1 Ravers, help me educate the new Ravers that I have been on this bat shit for a long time,” Rema wrote. “You all would have so much clarity if you easily Google where I’m from, what the key colors of my heritage are, what flies in the skies of Benin every evening, etc.”

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The singer’s denial of any involvement with the Illuminati has been met with mixed reactions from fans who are not yet convinced about his denial. See comments below:

iam_vickas: “I don’t still believe you, that he said Jesus is king don’t mean Jesus is his king . Yes because why you go turn your king house upside down burn am wear for neck”

mista_bosco: “Tap here if Jesus is your king”

fnprincekay: “Whether it’s true or not. He should reduce these things abeg. Na music we wan hear wetin be all the unnecessary demonic bloody art work”

big.winny: “There is a footballer named Jesus 來… anybody can be king my love. Don’t worry we understand you dear”

_amazingsophie: “If you love Jesus, walk in his ways.”

bod_republc: “But evidence full ground lately rema has been doing some crazy shit”

stansn0w: “Upside down cross, upside down burn!ng church, deviIish postures? You give people many reasons to suspect you.”

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