Junior Pope Alive! – Shock Update from AGN

In a surprising turn of events, Junior Pope Odonwodo, the popular Nollywood actor, is reported to be alive!

This revelation comes mere hours after initial reports claimed he had tragically passed away.

Beyond Boders reports that the distressing news initially circulated that Junior Pope had met with a fatal accident, allegedly falling into the River Niger while en route to a movie shoot in Asaba, Delta state.

It was also reported that he was accompanied by fellow actors at the time of the incident.

Abubakar Yakubu, the national secretary of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), had earlier confirmed the grim news, stating, “Yes. It happened at Asaba, River Niger. He had a fatal boat mishap. Unfortunately, he lost his life with four others that have not been identified yet.”

However, shortly after, Yakubu provided a stunning update, revealing that Junior Pope was, in fact, alive but in a coma.

He explained that a medical team had been able to resuscitate the actor, who is now receiving treatment at a local hospital.

“Yes. He is alive. God has done it for us. He was in a coma all this while. Fortunately, when the medical team called, they said there is still life in him and they resuscitated him,” Yakubu confirmed.

The actor himself had previously shared a video on Instagram showing him on a boat journey to the movie location, expressing concerns about the lack of safety precautions.

“See me lamenting….The risk we take to entertain you; crossing river 9ja yesterday with no life jacket…. Na wahooooo Who does that ??” he captioned the post.

At present, Junior Pope is undergoing further medical care as he recuperates from the ordeal.

The sudden twist in events has left fans and colleagues relieved and grateful for his survival.




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