Ned Nwoko’s Daughter Playfully Teases Dad About His Big Family Expenses

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In a lighthearted family moment, one of Ned Nwoko’s daughters was caught joking about her father’s expenses for his extensive family of 21 children.

Ned Nwoko, known for having six wives, including Laila Charani, Barrister Lily Nwoko, Lina Nwoko, and Regina Daniels, is recognized for his unique family setup.

The playful banter unfolded as one of his children shared a video showcasing how they support their father during the times he has to manage the financial responsibilities of his large family.

Despite having 21 children, not all of their identities have been disclosed. The family’s dynamics provide a glimpse into the unconventional but evidently affectionate relationships within the Nwoko household.

Watch the video below:

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