Nigerian Animator, Shofela Coker, Earns Nominations at Annie Awards

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Late Monday, February 12, 2024, the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, and Creativity took to Instagram to cheer on Shofela Coker for nabbing nominations at the prestigious Annie Awards for the animated series “Moremi.”

Coker, known for directing an episode of the animated series “Kizazi Moto,” scored three nods at the 2024 Annie Awards: Best FX, Best Character Animation, and Best Direction.

This nomination is not just a win for Coker alone, but a boost for the entire Nigerian entertainment scene.

Coker proudly stands as the first Nigerian nominee in the Annie Awards’ 50-year history.

“His historic feat as the first Nigerian to receive nominations at the Annie Awards, and as the first African to secure three nominations, is truly groundbreaking. This monumental moment not only marks a proud milestone for Nigerian animation but also shines a spotlight on the remarkable talent within the sector,” stated the ministry.

The sci-fi animation “Moremi,” inspired by Nigerian folklore, is the fifth installment of a 10-part series. It follows the journey of Luo, a lonely spirit boy trapped in a realm of terrifying giants, who finds salvation with Moremi (voiced by Nigerian actress Kehinde Bankole), a Nigerian particle physicist aiding him in reclaiming lost memories.

Beyond Boders recalls that “Moremi” made its Nigerian debut at the Zuma Festival in Abuja on December 4, 2023, followed by a premiere at the Filmhouse Landmark Cinemas in Lagos on December 6, 2023, in collaboration with the African International Film Festival (AFRIFF).

Additionally, “Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire” earned a nomination in the Children and Youth category at the Rose d’Or Awards on November 27, 2023, held at the King’s Palace in London.


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