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Noam Chomsky Is Not Dead – Wife

Reports saying that Noam Chomsky, the famous linguist and activist, has died are not true, says his wife, Valeria Wasserman Chomsky.

On Tuesday, Valeria told The Associated Press that the news about her husband’s death was false. “No, it is false,” she wrote in an email.

Noam Chomsky, who is 95 years old, was in a hospital in Brazil because he had a stroke last year. He has now left the hospital and is continuing his recovery at home, said the Beneficencia Portuguesa hospital in Sao Paulo.

Earlier on Tuesday, many people on social media platform X thought Chomsky had died. Some news outlets like Jacobin and The New Statesman even published obituaries for him.

Later, Jacobin changed its headline to “Let’s Celebrate Noam Chomsky,” and The New Statesman removed its article.

Brazilian news site Diario do Centro do Mundo also took down its story and issued a correction.

The Chomskys have lived in Brazil since 2015. Noam Chomsky is well-known for criticizing U.S. foreign policy. He taught for many years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in 2017, he started working at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

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