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‘Please Leave Me Alone,’ Actress Motilola Akinlami Accuses Kunle Afod of Sabotaging Her Career [Video]

Motilola Akinlami, a Nollywood actress, has accused fellow actor Kunle Afod of preventing her from getting roles in the film industry.

In a heartfelt Instagram post on Monday, Motilola said that since 2019, Kunle Afod has been telling producers not to cast her in their movies.

” I have kept this thing for over five years. This is the fifth year running. I beg you in the name of God. All the powers that be in this industry already know about this matter. Mr. Kunle Afod please leave me alone. Please leave me and my career. What have I done to you? They will call me for jobs you will say they should remove me if they want to use you,” Motilola expressed.

She also mentioned that she had tried to resolve the issue with the help of senior colleagues, but nothing has changed.

Motilola shared a recent incident where Yomi Olorunlaye offered her a job, but later withdrew the offer because Afod who was directing, refused to work with her.

“Afod what have I done? I have told you I no longer want to work with you. For all these years you said they should not call me for jobs any longer,” she added.

She also mentioned problems with Afod’s wife and said that Femi Adebayo, another actor, stopped working with her because of Afod’s influence.

Concluding that many persons have asked why she is no longer seen in movies, she said, “It is because of Afod. If they call me he will say they should not call me. The reason is that I no longer want to be friends with him.”

Motilola hoped that speaking out will bring an end to these issues and allow her to continue her career in peace.

Watch video below:


Reacting, netizens dropped the following comments:

BlessedOdoba: “Na man’s voice I been Dey hear sorry no shades abeg.”

revelationrabbi: “According to you, you said you don’t want anything to do with him, and he returned the energy by saying if they want to use him, they should not include you. It is not like he is blocking you from working with other producers and directors, it’s only the set he will be working”

BlessedOdoba: “Na man’s voice I been Dey hear sorry no shades abeg.”

HONEYEDCROWN: “Nobi by force to work with you na…. He said he doesn’t want to work with you again. What’s the fuss all about. It’s the same way you claim you are trying to avoid him that he is also trying to avoid u. Both of u should avoid each-other”

BlessedOdoba: “All these Nollywood Higgy Haga or Crinkun~Crankum done tire us abeg”


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