Posting Secretly in Facebook Groups Made Easy: Here’s How

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Sharing thoughts in a Facebook group without revealing your name is now possible! The feature called “Anonymous Post” was rolled out in 2020, initially for parent-oriented groups. Fast forward to 2022, now it is open to all types of Facebook communities, but before you spill the beans anonymously, here is what you need to know:

First off, your anonymous post needs approval from one of the group admins, even if post approvals are turned off.

Secondly, while your name stays hidden from regular members, admins, and moderators can still see it.

Plus, Facebook can match your identity with the post, but they would not spill the beans to the group. To drop an anonymous bomb, do these:

1. Log in to your Facebook account, pick the group, and hit the “Anonymous Post” option.

2. Look out for a toggle when you start typing. A pop-up will remind you about the rules.

3. Follow Facebook’s community guidelines, write your post, and hit submit. Your post goes to the admins for approval and once they give the nod, it will pop up in the group’s feed.

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