See Reason Why Oxlade Dropped Out Of University [Video]

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Nigerian musician Ikufioriji Olaitan Abdulrahman better known Oxlade, has revealed that a near-death experience forced him to drop out of university in his final year.

Beyond Boders reports that in a recent interview with media personality Temisan on Tea with Tay podcast, Oxlade said he was being pressured by cultists to join their gang while he was in school.

“During my university days, I was always in the church reading bible and books. Then I dropped out in my final year.

“I’ve never said this before. I dropped out when some boys were trying to make me join gang.

The ‘Ku Lo Sa’ crooner further recounted that one day, his grandmother called him and asked him to come home to Ibadan. On the same day, his tormentors stormed his room and attacked his roommate, leaving him almost dead.

“One day, my grandma called me asking where I am. I said I was in campus and she said I should start coming to our family home in Ibadan.

“I went to Ibadan. That day, those cultists, they almost killed my roommates. That’s why I appreciate my grandma’s importance in my life. Truly, there’s God. And I’m saying this with my full chest, God has saved me countless times,” he said.

Oxlade added that this incident made him realize that his life was in danger, and he decided to drop out of university to avoid further trouble.

Watch video below:

It is worth noting that Oxlade is signed to Troniq Music, Epic Records in France, and Columbia Records in the UK. He rose to prominence with the release of the song “Away”, which appeared on Rolling Stone’s 50 best songs of 2020. He was named the first Pandora Africa’s Next Artiste in July 2022.

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