Sunshine Rosman Biography (Early Life, Career, Net Worth)

Sunshine Rosman, affectionately known as Shine, is a multifaceted young talent excelling as an actress, show host, content creator, humanitarian, and brand influencer.

She stands as one of the vibrant and captivating actresses making significant waves in the Nollywood sphere.

Early Life

Born of Nigerian and Canadian descent, her roots trace back to Imo State, Nigeria. Raised primarily in Delta State, she embodies a blend of cultural influences.

Growing up amidst artistic influences, Sunshine’s childhood was steeped in creativity. Her father, a Canadian with Italian lineage, immersed himself in Nigerian indie filmmaking.

This early exposure ignited her passion for the cinematic arts. Despite the allure of showbiz, she remained grounded, guided by her mother’s humanitarian spirit.


Sunshine’s educational background remains undisclosed, shrouded in the mystique she exudes. However, her intellectual curiosity and artistic inclination likely shaped her formative years, laying the groundwork for her illustrious career.


Sunshine Rosman’s ascent in Nollywood is marked by versatility. From captivating audiences with her portrayal of Amara in “Lunch Time Heroes” to her behind-the-scenes endeavours, she epitomizes talent and dedication.

As an actress, producer, model, and host, she leaves an indelible mark on every project she undertakes.

Awards and Nominations

While accolades adorn her career, Sunshine Rosman’s contributions extend beyond awards. Collaborating with actresses like Tina Mba and Omoni Oboli, she enriches the Nigerian cinematic landscape.

Her commitment to excellence earns her nominations and acclaim from various awarding bodies, a testament to her prowess.

Personal Life

She is the second child in a family of four children. She has two sisters and a brother. Her sister, Nwadiuto Cassandra Rosman is a fashion model and actress.

Despite her public persona, Sunshine guards her personal life with vigilance. Speculation about her romantic endeavours remains rife, yet she maintains a dignified silence.

Admirers await eagerly for any glimpse into her private world, hopeful for tales of love and happiness.

Social Media Handles

While she remains discreet about her personal life, Sunshine Rosman thrives on social media. With a vibrant Instagram and X (Twitter) presence, she shares glimpses of her professional endeavours and glimpses into her world, with the handle @shine_rosman

Her simplistic yet elegant style resonates with fans, garnering admiration across platforms.


Sunshine’s cinematic repertoire boasts a diverse range of roles, each showcasing her versatility.

From the familial charm of “Lunch Time Heroes” to the intrigue of “Systemic Lies,” her performances captivate audiences. With each project, she reaffirms her status as a force to be reckoned with in Nigerian cinema.

Other movies include:

  1. An Unlikely Pair (2023)
  2. Teni’s Big Day (2023)
  3. Ify ( 2023)
  4. Open Marriage (2023)
  5. Hazel (2023)
  6. Cloud 9 (2023)
  7. Ella (2023)
  8. Love Chances (2023)
  9. Too Little, Too Late (2023)
  10. Drawn to You (2023)
  11. For the One (2023)
  12. First Time (2023)
  13. A Christmas Getaway (2022)
  14. Flawsome (2022)
  15. Perfect Assistant (2022)
  16. Pretty Thief (2022)
  17. New Best Friends (2022)
  18. The Church Boy (2022)
  19. The Boy Next Door (2022)
  20. Things We Do for Love (2022)
  21. Superstar (2021)

Net Worth

Estimates place Sunshine Rosman’s net worth at a commendable figure of more than $400K, reflective of her diverse ventures. With earnings stemming from acting, modeling, and production endeavours, her financial success parallels her creative achievements. Yet, her humanitarian endeavours underscore a commitment to leveraging her platform for positive change.

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