Tacha Attacks Keke Rider For Damaging Her Car [Video]

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Well-known Big Brother Naija star Natacha Akide, better known as Tacha, was recently involved in a heated altercation with a keke rider after he knocked off her Mercedes-Benz bumper.

The video that has since gone viral on social media, had Tacha getting out of her car barefooted and rushing towards the keke rider,

Also, she was see dragging him down from his keke, venting her anger on him, while a group of onlookers observed the dramatic scene between her and the transporter.

She captioned the video: “Lagos Driver’s will be the end of this world!!!”

Watch clip below:


While some persons defended her actions, saying she had a right to be angry, others came after her for her aggressive behaviour:

queenofdsun: “dem Don bring her agbero mood out, all these lagos keke o”

matsecooks: “Na who stup*d driver never jam wrongly for road dey play calm. Your blood will boil especially when you were jejely going on your own and suddenly got hit by an impatient driver. It’s not easy to be calm o! Because you know last last you will bring out money from your own pocket to pay for an id*ot’s mistake.”

nicholas_millicent: “That you are a celebrity don’t mean you should be acting posh when your car is being hit.. this keke drivers don’t deserve any calmness they are just everywhere if you don’t go razz with them they can act stupid trying to claim right. So sorry dear for the car.”

susan_adike: “sometimes you just have to drop your Boujieness aside and show them a little touch of madness. Na so Keke man almost break my leg last night, I cross my bag wella and brought out the mix of Enugu+ibadan+China+Dubai+Lagos madness”

ibazy1: “Common bumper u de shout up and down but na una go de form billionaire online..FakeLife”

marymusakanya: “I cover you in the blood of Jesus big Tee”

__immaculatee: “Who’s stressing this woman for me”

patbon33: “Sorry baby our Benzo”

smiths_empiree: My Corrola wen my husband buy for me after enough beg nd Different style,u go come drive anyhow remove my bumber. Dead body go surplus that day”

bigjasonyrn: “You no get lever at all”

mhz_prici: “This drivers lacks sense, you go Dey drag road with car wey with buy times 20 of your own , why not respect yourself and act accordingly to Wetin Dey your Akant ,,, mtchewww TACHA abegg make the man no go free . He should at least pay half of the money , weda reckless driving go reduce for Lagos

unstoppabledjnero: “Simply take ur things and fix it . If u like beat am from now till tomorrow one kobo no dey ooo”

simeon.delight: “You see keke drivers are doing the most in this lagos they will drive rubbish with some much yeye attitude”

younggee_chaser: “He might be at fault, fine, but you’re bigger than that. Fr fr”

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