Valentine’s Day: NACA Urges Nigerians to Prioritize Well-being

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Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) has urged Nigerians to take care of themselves while showing love.

Beyond Boders notes that Valentine’s Day happens every February 14, and it is a time when people give gifts and express affection.

Dr. Gambo Aliyu, the head of NACA, in a statement signed by the Head of the Public Relations and Protocol unit of the agency, Toyin Aderibigbe ahead of Valentine’s Day, said, “As people celebrate love on Valentine’s Day, we want everyone to enjoy it while prioritising their well-being.

“NACA encourages individuals to adopt a comprehensive approach to love, which includes open communication, mutual respect, and responsible choices.”

He also suggested using protection during intimate moments, getting tested for HIV regularly, and talking about sexual health with partners.

These actions not only keep individuals healthy, but also help create safer communities.

Dr. Aliyu emphasized, “Love is a powerful force, and by embracing responsible practices, we can ensure that it enriches our lives without compromising our health. NACA is dedicated to providing resources, information, and support to empower individuals in making informed choices.”

NACA will run campaigns to raise awareness about abstinence and safe sex on Valentine’s Day. The goal is to promote a celebration of love that is both fun and safe for everyone.

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