‘Withdrawal Method is What I Use Now,’ Lagosians lament as cost of condoms soars by 200%

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Lagosians are worried about the skyrocketing prices of condoms, fearing it might lead to risky sexual behaviour and unintended pregnancies.

Several individuals in Lagos expressed their concerns about the escalating prices of contraceptives, stating it could result in unsafe sex and unplanned pregnancies. They shared their worries in interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday.

Condoms, which are crucial for preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies, have seen a significant price hike.

Brands like Durex, Fiesta, Kiss, Rough Rider, and Gold Circle have become more expensive, with prices surging by 50% to 200% compared to last year.

Felix Atuche, a banker, revealed that he now opts for withdrawal methods due to the steep cost of condoms.

“I usually use the Durex Fetherlite Elite condom because it heightens the feelings between partners, just like skin to skin.

“I used to buy the pack for ₦1,900 but now it goes for ₦2,500 to ₦3,500, depending on the pharmacy I buy from,” he lamented, expressing concerns over the affordability of multiple packs.

His decision has affected his intimacy with his wife, who fears pregnancy without proper protection.

Monisola Ajayi, a businesswoman, emphasized the importance of protecting her sexual health, especially after contracting STIs from her husband in the past.

However, the surge in condom prices, especially female condoms, has made it financially challenging for her. She stressed that without a condom, there is no sexual activity unless her partner provides one.

Moreover, Youth corps member, Celestine Adesola, warned of the dangers posed by expensive condoms, particularly among teenagers and youths during Valentine’s celebrations.

He urged for increased awareness and distribution of free condoms by non-governmental organizations to safeguard the youth’s sexual health.

Pharmacist Michael Achoji attributed the price hike to inflation, production costs, and foreign exchange rates.

He urged the government to prioritize sexual and reproductive health issues by implementing interventions to ensure affordable access to contraceptives.

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