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Yvonne Jegede Slams OAP Nedu for Harsh Remarks

Yvonne Jegede, a well-known actress, has hit back at OAP Nedu  for his harsh comments about her.

This happened after she apologized to May Edochie for her previous statements about May’s troubled marriage with Yul Edochie.

Yvonne had faced strong criticism from many people online after she showed support for Yul’s choice to marry a second wife.

Due to the heavy backlash, Jegede felt pressured to apologize for her comments.

Nedu, a show host, indirectly criticized her, saying that if someone speaks, they should stand by their words. “If you talk, use your chest, stand by your words. Still number 1,” he wrote.

In response, Jegede fiercely criticized him for mocking her apology. She called him toxic and narcissistic, accusing him of enjoying seeing women attack each other. She wrote:

“I woke up to see Nedu’s post reacting to my appearance on the podcast, particularly my apology to May Edochie and women in general.

I understand Nedu’s difficulty in comprehending my apology. Narcissistic and toxic men like him cannot grasp the importance of apologizing when others feel hurt by your actions, regardless of whether you believe you are right or wrong.

Small-minded people like you rejoice when women attack each other or are trampled upon. Check the history of your podcast; it is filled with content targeting women’s self-esteem. Perhaps the rumor about you is true—you don’t like women! Nedu, there’s nothing wrong with women winning and shining; it doesn’t diminish you or any other man.

You are so evil that you didn’t even promote “A Father’s Love,” the movie I came to discuss on your show. Instead, you were all over my WhatsApp, telling me how much you like me, and now you join the mob and chase clout with your petty post.

I was raised to apologize if I was wrong and to those who felt hurt by my actions.

If I didn’t own what I said with conviction, I wouldn’t come out to apologize when it was pointed out that some women and May felt offended. My apology was directed at those who clearly expressed their hurt.

Take all the money you want from Facebook and YouTube, but prosperity always judges those who stand against women and profit at the expense of others.

A small-minded man like you will never understand the need for an apology, even when he is wrong.

By the way, you asked that I take you out. When I get back in town, we can still do it, but be prepared to man up, take responsibility, and pay your own bills. I always pay mine and never beg for anyone to take me out!”

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