Jay Boogie Seeks Financial Help After Cosmetic Surgery Complications

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Jay Boogie, a Nigerian transgender who has been in the news for his declining health, has appealed to the public for financial assistance.

As reported by Beyond Boders, Boogie whose real name is Daniel Nsikan, revealed in a statement that he underwent liposuction and BBL 360 surgery on October 30, 2023, with Dr Chidinma Akpa, the owner of @curvygirl_essentials.

According to him, he was in excellent health before the surgery, but developed sepsis and an acute kidney injury a few hours after the procedure.

He claimed that the hospital refused to accept responsibility for his complications, as the doctor abandoned him at another hospital.

Having been receiving dialysis and sepsis therapy since the beginning of November, he has therefore spent all of his life savings on his health hence, the reason he has appealed to Nigerians for help.

Boogie also claimed he is the sole provider for his four siblings.

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His story has drawn mixed reactions from Nigerians. See comments below:

nkem195: “Person wey go still abuse the gender he is trying to borrow once he recover. Call on your rainbow community to help out na. All of a sudden you Need help from the people you constantly tell to mind their business that it’s your body and you are free to do whatever to it.”

Useful_herbs: “You’re claiming your dialysis costs 600k daily. Please if indeed you need help be truthful because there’s no dialysis that costs that much daily. The average daily cost of dialysis in Nigeria is about 50,000 naira. Why claim it’s 600k? Wouldn’t you think Nigerians will believe they’re trying to be scammed? Rather than putting your account number, put the hospital’s account number for ppl to donate towards your hospital bills directly to the hospital.”

mamaafricanstyle: “Is he serious like this? We should pay for what you caused yourself?”

_abike12: “You know say you be Breadwinner before you put yourself for this situation, enjoy the consequences of your action uncle breadwinner.”

millicent__o: “For your 4 siblings , and they were watching you go astray in the first place lol.”

pweety_chioma27: “I thought curvy girl is for aftercare not surgery. When did they start doing surg£ry for goodness sake?”

mhiz_tomi02: “Breadwinner ko cake winner ni , judge me or not , I don’t pity him , this people don too much for Nigeria and na dem those Eniola ni makeup and co Dey look up to.”

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