BBNaija Phyna, Ilebaye’s Friendship on the Rocks?

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Reality TV star Ijeoma Josephina Otabor better known as Phyna, has recently sparked heated debates with comments on her relationship with Big Brother Naija All Stars’ winner, Ilebaye Precious Odiniya.

Beyond Boders reports that when an inquisitive fan asked Phyna about her connection with Ilebaye, she revealed that she does not feel as close to Ilebaye as she thought she did, despite supporting her throughout her time on Big Brother Naija.

“I thought I was,” she simply wrote on her social media page.

This has led to speculation about the nature of their friendship and the degree of their relationship.

Phyna has also in a recent development, made the controversial statement that there is hardly any woman on Earth who has not had an abortion.

She defended her stance by explaining that almost all sexually active women have committed abortion in one form or another, aside from virgins.

See post below for further details:

Phyna’s comments have drawn mixed reactions from the public, with the majority criticizing her statements. Many have condemned her for making sweeping and insensitive generalizations about women. See comments below:

thefoodnetworknig2: “Knowing how to speak English doesn’t make you literate sha! Ignorance na covid 50”

thefoodnetworknig2: “Same thing people who say “all men cheat”… Just projecting your trials and tribulations on others! Smh”

l.tobiloba: “She’s speaking for herself and her entire female family generation. iwé iṣẹyun”

mariam_yayi: “She needs to see a doctor”

effedeborah: “Wife of doctor igodo goko cleanser. I hail thee”

onyiaprudence: “This is what happens when you live a regrettable life.
You end up trying to project your lifestyle on innocent people.”

chiomalovv: “This Phyna lady isn’t in touch with reality or maybe she just choose to ignorant, there’s are so many women who practice safe sex, who are lesbians , who may be suffering from infertility, who use birth control methods and the list goes on that have never and may never get pregnant. Phyna isn’t very smart and she does a bad job at hiding her inadequacies.
She refuses to learn and doesn’t accept she’s wrong so it will be a long time before she even gets wise or better herself.
She types the first thing that comes up in her head without ever thinking about it.
I sincerely hope she grows out of this phase.”

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